Pot size 17 cm
Minimum plant height 60 cm
Maturity stage 2-3
Thickness 1
Minimum number of flowers/inflorescences per pot 5
Transport height 80 cm
Flower/berry/fuit color 1 pink
Producer groups MoreLIPS
Additional product information
Unique Selling Point The Anthurium with the perfect structure. Beautiful dark leaves with candy pink flowers on top. Shelf life and cold-tolerance.
Flower size group Medium-flowered
Cold resistance Suitable
Plant construction Perfect construction
Flower colour Roze

Packing configurations

DC 820 - Verrekencode 0,70 3×4×6
EP 378 - Eurobox 80cm 1×8×1
DC 800 - Supply without tray 3×30×1
DC 397 - Normpack 300series Transparent 3×4×6