Pot size 17 cm
Minimum plant height 60 cm
Maturity stage 2-3
Thickness 1
Minimum number of flowers/inflorescences per pot 5
Transport height 80 cm
Flower/berry/fuit color 1 pink
Quality group A1
Producer groups MoreLIPS
Additional product information
Unique Selling Point The Anthurium with the perfect structure. Beautiful dark leaves with candy pink flowers on top. Shelf life and cold-tolerance.
Flower size group Medium-flowered
Cold resistance Suitable
Plant construction Perfect construction
Flower colour Roze

Packing configurations

DC 820 - Verrekencode 0,70 3×4×6
EP 378 - Eurobox 80cm 1×8×1
DC 800 - Supply without tray 3×30×1
DC 397 - Normpack 300series Transparent 3×4×6